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Jakob Jan Kamminga

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December, 2021

Album of the year 2021

2021 Brought me a variety of reasons, some personal, some less so, not to write new blog posts. In fact, my website has received no updates whatsoever since last January. It does not receive a lot of traffic usually, so if you were expecting something, my apologies.... read the full post

January, 2021

December, 2020

June, 2020

January, 2020

December, 2019

November, 2019

First Post on My New Website!

Hooray! This post marks the start of my blogging adventure on my brand new, self created website. This blog is going to be about all kinds of things. Whatever I feel like writing about, honestly, but there will be some major themes: web development, music, and just some personal thoughts about… well, not sure about what yet!... read the full post